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World parliaments stress peaceful nature of Iran nuclear program

Tehran, Head of Iran's parliamentary delegation at the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) meeting said that the peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear activities was highlighted by the member-states.

Fatemeh Hosseini, on the sidelines of a public session on Wednesday on the visit of the parliamentary delegation of Iran to the 139th IPU Summit, said, The summit, attended by 148 countries, with the motto of the leadership of the parliaments in promoting peace and development and innovation was held in Geneva.

Referring to the Iranian delegation headed by her at the meeting, she said, Emergency articles in the final resolution have always been discussed at the General Assembly. In this session the issue of climate change has been raised.

Hosseini said that the issue of protecting Palestinian refugees had been approved in the past as well, adding, 'With the efforts of the Iranian delegation raising of the issue of observing human rights in the issue of homosexuals, the is not in the agenda and this issue should no longer be raised at this summit.'

She said that in the general assembly, the Iranian delegation responded decisively to the allegations of the UAE on Iranian three islands and also objected to accepting the Yemeni delegation as a credible representative on the part of the Yemeni parliament, and emphasized that the delegation could not be the voice of the Yemeni parliament.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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