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World Quds Day sends “important message to Palestinians living under Zionist occupation”: Analyst

Tehran A professor of California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) told IRNA that the World Quds Day rallies and events send an important message to Palestinians living under Zionist occupation and apartheid, as well as to the Israeli government and its enablers in the United States.

Professor David Yaghoubian said, “This message is at core a recognition of Palestinian suffering as a result of Zionist colonialism and the crimes of continued occupation and theft of Palestinian land, and a powerful expression of solidarity with Palestinian people in their ongoing struggle for justice.”

Yaghoubian said, “Quds Day 2020 is particularly important in this regard as members of the international community express their collective rejection of the absurd “Deal of the Century” and further illegal Israeli annexation of Palestinian land, for which the Trump regime has given its tacit approval.”

Answering a question about the meaning of “liberation of Palestine”, he said, “The liberation of Palestine means an end to Zionist occupation and apartheid, and equal rights for all citizens in the land between the Mediterranean and Jordan River, whether they be of Islamic, Christian, Jewish, or Druze heritage.”

“In a land so rich in human diversity and so important to the history and identity of people of different faiths, a system that offers political rights and religious freedom equally to all is the only system that can sustain a truly free Palestine.”


Source: Islamic Republic News Agency – IRNA


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