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Yemen busts espionage network affiliated to UAE

Tehran, The Interior Ministry of the national salvation government of Yemen announced Sunday night that it had busted a espionage network linked to the intelligence service of the United Arab Emirates.

According to Almasirah TV network, the espionage network had been involved in transferring information on Yemen groups, circles, public services centers, state institutes, presidential office and the country's oil company.

Without going into details, Almasirah reported that a televised report containing the confessions of the arrested members of the espionage network would be released in coming days by the country's information dissemination center.

The Yemeni Interior Ministry has not revealed the number of detainees, their nationalities or how the network had been busted.

The news came after a high ranking American official had explicitly declared that the United Arab Emirates was playing a destructive role in Yemen.

To this end, a new Yemeni group called Transitional Council of South Yemen announced its formation in May 2017 under backing of Abu Dhabi. Apparently the council is pursuing a plan to split Yemen into North and South Yemen which is in contradiction with the goals of Saudi Arabia.

with lapse of three years since the start of the Yemen war of attrition, Abu Dhabi has now turned into a serious rival of Saudi Arabia in southern parts of Yemen.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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