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Yemen problem cannot be solved militarily: Iran’s UN envoy

New York, Source: Kazakhstan 2050 - Iran's UN envoy says Yemen problem cannot be solved through military means or bombardment rather as Tehran believes a political process should begin to settle the issue.

The 15-member Security Council held a session Monday to make decision on renewing its targeted sanctions on Yemen. After Russia vetoed a British-proposed draft resolution, the Council members unanimously adopted a rival resolution proposed by Russia that would simply extend the mandate of the sanctions regime for one year.

Commenting on the issue, the Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Iran to the United Nations Gholamali Khoshroo said the behavior of the US envoy to the UN was aimed at covering up the crimes being perpetrated in Yemen by Saudi-led multinational coalition.

Khoshroo said Iran has time and again denied US claims about sending weapons to Yemen and once again stresses that three years of non-stop bombing of Yemen has created a human catastrophe there, exposing Yemeni people including children and women to big dangers of diseases, famine and war.

The devastating war waged by Saudi Arabia with American and British weapons has only led to instability and insecurity, the Iranian ambassador said.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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