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Yemeni ballistic missiles hit SW Saudi Arabia

Tehran Yemen has fired two ballistic missiles at military bases in the south western Saudi province of Asir over the past 24 hours, Yemeni media reported Tuesday

The second missile 'Badr 1' targeted a military base south of Jizan city in southwest Saudi Arabia, an unnamed military source told Almasirah TV network.

Meanwhile, Saleh Ali alSammad, head of the political council of Ansar Allah group said firing of ballistic missiles at military targets inside Saudi Arabia would be carried out on daily basis soon.

The Yemeni army and popular committees have stepped up their missile attacks against Saudi Arabia since March 25.

A Saudiled coalition has launched aggressions against Yemen by air, sea and land since March 2015, killing 14,000 Yemenis, injuring hundreds of others and destroying the country's infrastructures.

Saudi Arabia, despite its repeated air strikes against residential units in Yemen and preventing the inflow of medicines and foodstuff to the besieged country, has not only lost its political prestige but is also facing severe economic problems due to the prolongation of its war.

On the contrary, the Yemeni people in spite of facing famine, hunger and devastation of their country's infrastructures are still standing up to the hostile policies of Saudi Arabia and its supporters.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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