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Zarif commends Iranian physician for defending Persian Gulf history

Tehran, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in a message to an Iranian physician Maryam Razzaqi-Azar appreciated her valuable move in defending the Persian Gulf national and historic identity in Dubai.

According to the Foreign Ministry's Center for General and Media Diplomacy, the message addressing Ms. Razzaqi-Azar said, I saw a report on your active presence in a scientific-specialized forum in Dubai and became happy to see your logical defense coupled with a strong reasoning emanating from your Islamic-Iranian behavior and dignity.

The fact that each and every Iranian feel they are responsible for the precious civilization and common values in their homeland in the course of history as well as its historic names including Persian Gulf as the most important of them, while respecting the identity and nationality of other ethnic groups is a source of pride and honor, he said.

In an address to the Iranian physician, he recalled that you taught a big lesson to the organizers of the forum and your hosts who cannot deny this reality that has been intertwined with the Iranians' national identity through their outdated zeal and in defiance of all undeniable scientific and historical evidences.

The top diplomat also pointed out that Islamic Republic of Iran has always been harbinger of brotherhood and Islamic unity and solidarity with all its neighbors, insisting seriously on the principles of national unity and deeming it essential to promote its historic names such as Persian Gulf.

Maryam Razzaqi-Azar, majoring in glands and metabolism, visited UAE to attend and deliver a lecture at a scientific conference, where he faced problems when she mentioned the name of Persian Gulf.

Razzaqi-Azqr has said that a conference on puberty was held in Dubai by the French Company Ipsen from April 12-13.

I was due to give a lecture on puberty in Iran on the first day of the conference. But before me, an Arab woman talked about age of puberty in Persian Gulf littoral states but instead of Persian Gulf she called it Arab Gulf and mentioned it repeatedly, she said.

When it was my turn, I delivered my lecture on age of puberty in Iran and said at the end that Persian Gulf has been Persian Gulf since ancient times and it will be Persian Gulf forever, she said.

All applauded for me and another French genetics specialist started her lecture.

I was due to deliver my second lecture after the French, but a person approached me and asked me to leave the hall, she said, noting that she was surrounded by representatives of the French company Ipsen and Dubai officials who told her that she had politicized the issue and should apologize for that.

I said, I will never apologize, nor can I say my remarks were politically motivated.

Therefore, when it was my turn, I went behind the tribune and said, my word was not political, we are friends but it was true, she said.

After the Arabs heard it, they immediately got up to leave the hall and they turned off microphone and stopped me from delivering my lecture, she said.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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