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Zarif congratulates Boris Johnson’s election as new UK PM

Tehran, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif extended congratulations to his former counterpart Boris Johnson on his election as new prime minister of Britain, and said that seizure of an oil tanker carrying Iran's oil by Theresa May government and by order of the US government is a piracy.

According to the report of Foreign Ministry Media Department, Zarif congratulated election of Boris Johnson as new British prime minister, and wrote on his twitter account that seizure of the oil tanker by Theresa May government and the US order is clearly a piracy.

Zarif wrote, I extend my congratulation for premiership of my former counterpart Boris Johnson.

Iran is not looking for confrontation, but Iran has 1,500 miles of coasts in the Persian Gulf and we have to protect them, Zarif said.

Following resignation of Theresa May from UK's premiership, the British Conservative Party, which was already winner of the former election in the parliament, took ballot between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt on Tuesday and Johnson was winner of the ballot..

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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