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Zarif: Europeans should not keep waiting

Tehran, Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif said on Monday that Europeans have done a 'very good' job in announcing stances but they have to decide how to translate the stances into action as they should not keep waiting for time as before.

'As said earlier, Europeans did quite well in announcing stances; however, they should take practical steps in translating the stances; they cannot keep waiting as always,' said Zarif.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of his meeting with Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission members, Zarif said regarding the JCPOA, Europeans have taken some concrete actions such as letting European investment bank to financially support and encourage the small- and medium-sized companies to cooperate with Iran.

'Whether such measures will be fruitful, (it should be said that) Europeans should be well prepared to take their interests vis-A�-vis Iran, the region and world order into consideration, so that Americans would not be able to dictate their stances to others; this means in fact that they (Europeans) will be ready to pay the cost.'

No pain, no gain, Zarif said, adding that the Islamic Republic of Iran successfully ruined fabricated security alliance between the US and Zionist regime against the country and gained significant achievements in that regard.

The JCPOA could change the security atmosphere formed against Iran to isolate the US and it is now Europe's turn to pay its share to guarantee their long lasting interests, he said.

Time is ripe for Europe to make decision as they cannot buy time any longer, he said.

The US administration should open its eyes to realities as exertion of pressure over Iran goes nowhere but only creates problems for people, Zarif said.

Thanks' to Almighty, Iranian government in the past successfully overcame all hardships and this time can do the same as the world public opinion is against the US, he said.

Iran's foreign policy was quite successful but those of the US and Zionist regime experienced a humiliating defeat, he said.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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