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Zarif in Latin America; Pain in neck of White House

Tehran, The trip of Iranian Foreign Minster Mohammad Javad Zarif to Latin America and attending the NonAligned Movement (NAM) summit showed that not only Washington's attempt to isolate Tehran has failed, reliable loopholes for more international engagement and countering Washington's unilateralism are still open.

Zarif's visit to New York and participation in the United Nations Economic and Social Council meeting due to its coverage, subsequent interviews of the Iranian FM and his consultations in a tense situation between Iran and the United States, was important but the continuation of the trip and visit of Zarif from several Latin American countries namely Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia, as well as attending a meeting of the foreign ministers of nonaligned countries, is enjoying special significance from the standpoint of analysts.

On the one hand, the importance of the issue lies in the fact that Washington has made an enormous effort to exert pressure on Iran and isolate our country. This initiative of Iran's diplomacy apparatus, which has been accompanied by the Islamic Republic's unmatched capacities, has made futile the White House's tricks. It was as if before the start of the trip, Foreign Ministry's experts had prepared themselves that Zarif in Latin America, taking advantage of the capacities of the NonAligned Movement, would give a decisive response to Washington's policies and approaches in foreign policy.

Latin America; Zarif's second home

American officials appear to have carefully monitored Zarif's trip to Latin America. The highlight of this sensitivity was John Bolton, Donald Trump National Security Advisor's tweet, who, with regret and dissatisfaction, portrayed the presence of our country's foreign minister alongside Nicolas Maduro in Caracas as Zarif's presence at his home in Tehran.

Needless to say, Latin America's status in diplomacy of the Islamic Republic of Iran has been heightened in the last two decades. The volume of political, economic and commercial investment of Tehran in this region, along with the numerous meetings of officials and representatives of the two sides, has actually been a kind of pain in the neck of the West, especially the United States; the United States has long regarded the region as its permanent backyard.

On the other hand, the capabilities of the NAM have also become a factor for Washington's concern. While nearly two thirds of countries in the world are members of the NonAligned Movement, this institution has huge capacities to play a role in international affairs. One of the most important features that the Islamic Republic of Iran, along with other independent states of the world can exploit in the form of nonaligned countries, is the confrontation with the unilateralism of the United States, which increased sharply during Trump presidency.

Zarif pointed out at the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the NonAligned Movement on the same subject as the purpose of this institution. In Caracas, he considered US radical unilateralism to be the most important challenge facing all the members of the movement. Zarif added, "This challenge is undermining the rule of law internationally and has threatened in a variety of ways the peace and stability around the world."

Washington's selfcentered policies have even been censured and resisted by some of the White House's allies. Despite many problems, some governments such as the Islamic Republic of Iran, which are the target of the White House's political and economic attacks, can play a different role. Efforts to bring antiUS approaches closer which are deeprooted in the nonaligned movement, with the critical look of some Western powers, can open the door to other states to act and confront Washington's unilateral policies. In particular, the White House has heightened enmity and discontent over the past few years in the form of sanctions or withdrawal from international organizations.

Meanwhile, the Iranian foreign minister in Venezuela emphasized the determination of the members of the movement to maintain, strengthen the movement and promote cooperation on the path to protect the interests of nations and highlighted, The opposition to unilateralism and the attempt to rule of law internationally since the moment of the establishment of the NAM has been at the top of its agenda. Now that the international lawabiding order is threatened more than ever in the past, it is imperative that the NAM member states are united and focus on how to eliminate this threat, which if not, we will all be losers.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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