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Zarif: Iran never to let US disrupt its trade

Tehran, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Wednesday that Iran has no problem in broadening economic cooperation with other countries, but under no circumstances the country will let the US bring Iran's trade relations with other under question.

Zarif made the remarks in response to the US obstructions in broadening economic cooperation with other countries.

The Iranian foreign minister is now in Turkey to confer with that country's officials on issues of mutual interest along with the regional developments.

Speaking to reporters, Zarif said unilateral sanctions imposed by the US runs counter to the UNSC resolutions.

Iran believes that the US will not be able to dominate relations between other countries as one country cannot sacrifice other's interests in order to protect views of some political wings, he said.

It might be interesting to know that the economic relations with other countries have reduced over last year, but the Americans still continue to sell their products to Iran, Zarif added.

This indicates the US hypocrisy in dealing with others, he said, adding that Iran has no problem to continue trade with American companies, but never let the US to bring our commerce with others under question.

There are numerous ways to continue cooperation with other countries, Zarif said.

The US imposes its illegal policies over the world, he said, adding that the world should stand against the US measures which are against the UNSC resolutions otherwise the Americans will authorize themselves to interfere in others' economic relations to protect their own.

Today I passed information with regard to my visits on Syria and the country's officials with Turkish foreign minister, Zarif said, adding that he will convey them to Turkish president as well.

Regarding recent developments about Africa, 'I have also talked with Turkish officials and will continue these dialogues with them', he said.

Tehran along with its friends in Turkey and Russia will continue its efforts to maintain peace and stability in Syria through formation of special constitution committee and supporting peace process.

Today, 'we discussed expansion of mutual cooperation and upgrading its level', he said, adding, 'Although we are far behind the already designated economic target standing at $30 billion, but we are determined to continue our efforts.'

The two sides also exchanged views on setting of new mechanisms to remove US economic sanctions and broadening of volume of trade exchange between the two countries, Zarif said.

Referring to his visit to Syria and conferring with the country's officials, he said he held long talks with Syrian president and is to convey its report to Turksih President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Tehran minds all countries in the region to have good and promising relations.

'We have already told our friends in the region that the best way to maintain security of all countries is deploying Syrian army along all borders preventing any aggressions by terrorists against Turkish government and people,' he said.

Iran attaches importance to security and calmness of Turkey and has good security cooperation with the country, Zarif said.

Iranian foreign minister concluded his twoday visit to Syria and arrived in Turkey to confer with the country's officials on regional developments.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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