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Zarif: Iran working to offset US sanctions

Tehran, Iran together with its partners is working to offset US sanctions, Iranian Foreign Minister said in a message.

On Thursday, Zarif released a Twitter thread on the US administration unilateralism, the full text of which follows:

It is unfortunate to see a US Administration with destructive unilateralism in its DNA abuse a multilateral forum to attack multilateralism.

The US is so devoid of credibility, it's been forced to hide behind procedure in order to avoid facing Iran at the Security Council.

Indeed with a heavy dose of empathy, or even pity one might almost understand why this US Administration would need cheap distractions to obfuscate its commitment to destabilization. For all can see its deeply troubling behavior at home, and deeply malign activities abroad.

To grasp this rogue US Administration's commitment to destabilizing the international system, one need only recall its Ambassador to the UN's crude threat to 'take names'; Mr. Trump's threats to cut funding; or his National Security Adviser's threat to prosecute ICC judges.

Given this US Administration's demonstrated inability to uphold accords in good faith, 1st step toward attempt at conflict resolution must be for it to take concrete measures aimed at regaining semblance of qualification and eligibility. E.g. it must begin to act as a normal state.

Iran will keep working with its partners to create new environment in which self-respecting nations can pursue own interests and int'l obligations. We will continue to work to offset unlawful US sanctions and irrevocably eliminate destabilizing phenomenon of US extraterritorial laws.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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