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Zarif: IranIraq cooperation strengthens security in region

Baghdad, Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif emphasized that Iran and Iraq are two pillars of security in the region, and cooperation between the two countries can reinforce this security as much as possible.

According to IRNA, at a press conference with his Iraqi counterpart Mohammad Ali alHakim on Sunday, Iran's foreign minister, after a few hours of talks between the two countries' expert and political delegations in Baghdad, made the remark, 'We have good and useful talks with my brother AlHakim on bilateral relations and regional affairs.

Zarif added that the two countries' views on regional and international affairs are very similar to each other and could help the region's security.

He appreciated the solidarity and positions of the Iraqi people and government in rejecting the cruel and illegal US sanctions against the Iranian people and said that the two countries' relations without external interference are strong now and we hope that during the visit of the Iranian president to Baghdad the ties consolidate exponentially'.

The Iranian top diplomat assessed the talks today as very positive and underlined that the two sides paid special attention to understandings for serving to the people of the two countries more than ever and, accordingly, the delegations of the two sides have prepared the documents for final agreement.

Zarif said the two sides' political and expert delegations are preparing further understandings in ongoing negotiations for a final agreement during the trip of Iranian President hassan Rouhani to Baghdad.

Noting that the two sides have had good talks in the areas of health, commerce, pilgrimage and travel, and facilitating the wellbeing of the nations of the two countries, expressed the hope that the final agreements and understandings during Rouhani's visit to Baghdad on Monday would further strengthen bilateral relations and help Iraq enter seriously the reconstruction phase after victory over Takfiri extremism and the ISIL.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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