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Zarif outlines views on “Characteristics of Transitional Period” live on Instagram

Tehran Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif kicked off his online lecture via Instagram that is on “Characteristics of Transitional Period”.

The live talk is now being broadcast through the Instagram account of the Tehran University’s Faculty of World Studies.

The outcome of miscalculations in the world has led to the wasted resources and many losses of lives, he stated.

The top diplomat noted that the lack of understanding on the Transitional Period has caused the superpowers to resort to the prescription and prediction.

He also named intense competition and turbulence as some of the characteristics of the Transitional Period.

The first episode of the online lectures named ‘The World in Transition’ was in English.

In the first talk, Zarif said that some governments want to define the new discipline to the world in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak noting that the new world order will no longer be completely western.



Source: Islamic Republic News Agency – IRNA


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