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Zarif says US makes itself more isolated

Tehran, Iranian foreign Minister Mohmmad Javad Zarif in a message said that the US has abused the United Nations Security Council and made itself more isolated.

'Once again, the US abused the UNSC only to find itself further isolated in its violation of #JCPOA and SC resolution 2231. When will it learn its lesson?' Zarif Tweeted on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi described Rouhani's remarks as Iran's manifesto, saying due to the US government policies and the problems they create in the international community, there is a kind of individualism in international arena.

No matter how strong the United States is, it is not entitled to undermine such meetings and organizations and threaten and prosecute international judges, he noted.

Rouhani said that the principle of negotiation is respecting each other, and someone who does not respect previous agreements cannot be trusted for future talks, Araqchi reiterated.

One of the wonders of the meeting was that someone who is himself a permanent member of the United Nations and one of the founders of the Security Council resolution violates it, he said.

US measure suggests the fact that the current administration has no capacity for dialogue at all, he added.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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