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Zarif: Trump invalidates intl’ accord with one signature

Tehran, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Monday that we experienced very prolonged nuclear negotiations for two years with the US word by word on implementation of the JCPOA but US president with one signature invalidated it and now they expect us to return to the negotiations.

US president holds a meeting and he himself claims that over 80 percent of them were not Iranian nationals; Zarif said, adding that they spent billions of dollars to establish contact with the Iranian people, but they lie as they did not let the Europeans to deliver plane spare parts to Iran after banning sales of passenger planes to Iran.

All sides hammered out the JCPOA word by word but US President invalided it with one signature, Zarif said, adding that he simply ignored invaluable time and negotiations which resulted to UNSC resolution that majority of world countries believed it and now questions whether 'we are men of negotiations or not'.

Iran has experienced many ups and downs when 'our cities' were targeted to Iraqi missiles and the US was toughening economic sanctions day by day but now the situation is very suitable thank to almighty, he said.

Iran did not attend table of negotiations, but it was the other side as they noticed that mounting pressures and economic sanctions leave no impact on our policies, Zarif said.

People play vital role in Iran's foreign policy, he said, adding that some of the US bullying policies might bear fruit, but all believe that Trump, Netanyahu and Bin Salman will be isolated.

These three people are manifestation of suppression, violence and lack of trust as they simply violate international accords, rights of Palestinian nation and also take hostage the prime minister of one country, Zarif said.

In the past 40 years, the majority of the world countries were against us, but now they made a U-turn and only two or three regimes are against us, he said.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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