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Zarif: Trump knows about IRGC role in eliminating Daesh

Tehran, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif recalled US President Donald Trump's confession to Iran's fighting with Daesh, saying that he knows well who from Iran fought with Daesh and made sacrifices for the cause.

He released a video of Trump's electoral debate with his democrat rival Hillary Clinton in 2016 where Trump said that he does not like alAssad at all but it is a fact that alAssad kills Daesh just the way Russia and Iran do the same.

Commenting on the video, Zarif wrote 'at the time when Trump admitted that Iran is killing Daesh, who did he exactly think was engaged in the campaign?

Had not the IRGC fought alongside the Iraqi and Syrian brave nations, Daesh would have taken control of two Arab capitals and stationed terrorist armies in the Europe's gates, he said.

On April 8, Trump placed IRGC on terrorism blacklist which drew fierce reaction from the global community.

In a reciprocal move, Iran also identified US a sponsor of terrorism and its central command (CENTCOM) as terrorist groups.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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