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Zionist regime “main source of state terrorism” in region: Spokesman

Tehran, July 23, Reacting to the violent actions of the Zionists against the Palestinians in Quds, Foreign Ministry spokesman condemned Israel's not allowing the Palestinians to enter the al-Alqsa Mosque

In a statement released on Sunday, Bahram Qasemi said, Palestine is still the top issue of the Muslim world and the Zionists are the main source of terrorism.'

The spokesman urged the media, public opinion, people and free thinkers to take actions against the Zionists' anti-human measures and to support the Palestinians.

The Zionist regime prohibited Palestinians from entering the al-Aqsa Mosque on two consecutive Fridays. The Zionists urged the Palestinian prayers to go through electronic gates but they disobeyed.

Also in a clash between the Quds Occupying regime forces and the Palestinians that happened in front of the mosque, three Palestinians were martyred on Friday.

Saying that the Quds and al-Aqsa mosque, as the first Qiblah of Muslims, eternally belong to the Muslims and Palestinian people, Qasemi said that Zionists' continuing oppressing and suppressing the Palestinians, violating basic rights of Palestinians, like visiting holy places in Quds, and limiting religious freedom show that Palestine is still the top issue in the Muslim world and the Zionist regime is the main source of state terrorism in the region.

He also criticized the silence and inactivity of some countries that claim being the center of Islam and urged the international community to examine the developments in the Occupied Territories and decisively stand against the Zionists' oppressive measures and discriminatory policies regarding race and religion.

He urged the international and human rights organization, including UNESCO, to fulfill their duties in combating, condemning and terminating the anti-human, anti-cultural and anti-human rights policies of Israel.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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