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Zionists are doomed to failure : Amal official

Tehran, Representative of the Lebanese Amal Movement in Iran, Salah Fahs said on Saturday that Zionist regime is doomed to failure in dealing with the Islamic Republic of Iran as harbinger of regional resistance and conqueror of economic sanctions.

Speaking on the occasion of Quds Day rallies in Gorgan, Golestan province, Salah Fahs added that "Today, the resistance has turned into a strong tree in a way that our enemies will have no options except masterminding conspiracies to conquer it."

Elsewhere in his speech, he said Since the 90's onwards, Amal and Hezbollah movements have found profound solidarity, and through their unity and resistance while winning supports of Iran, they have achieved significant victories and achievements in the period.

Zionist regime waged a 33day war in 2006 in order to overcome the resistance but to no avail as the resistance and the Lebanese nation and army won the battle.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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