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“Zohreh” to compete in Durban film fest

Tehran, Zohreh, an Iranian feature film, will compete in the 40th round of the Durban Film Festival in South Africa.

"Zohreh" directed and produced by Siamak Ebrahimi in its first international appearance will compete in Festival competition section. The movie is written by Nico Bostani with a plan by Siamak Ebrahimi narrating the story of the last hours of an athlete's life before immigration.

Siamak Ebrahimi, who, in his first filmmaking experience after five years of research on Iranian women athlete has participated in the cinematic event, has already experienced many years of photography and social documentary in the field of international and domestic media in foreign and Iranian media.

Melissa Zakeri is on the front of the camera in the main role. Shirin Aqakashi, Soroush Taheri, Sajjad Babaei, Aria Delphani, Farank Moradi, Farima Mesgarnia, Alireza Shariati, Sajjad Alikhani, Yasmin Farrokhezah and Ersam Gharib are among other actors in the film.

The festival has so far hosted many Iranian filmmakers, and is the oldest and greatest film festival in the South African region, featuring film workshops, seminars on the cinema industry, and film debate.

The 40th South African Durban Film Festival will take place from July 1828, 2019 in Durban, South Africa.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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