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Zoorkhaneh sports bell rings in Armenia

President of International Zoorkhaneh Sports Federation Mohsen Mehralizadeh in a meeting with Armenian Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs Hrachya Rostomyan on Monday discussed ways for development and expansion of Tehran-Yerevan sport cooperation, especially in the field of Zoorkhaneh sport.

Delegations from Iran and Armenia considered ways to develop related cooperation, especially in Zoorkhaneh sports and Pahlavani Wrestling in Yerevan, capital of Armenia, while Iran's Ambassador to Armenia Kazem Sajjadi was present in the meeting as well.

In the meeting, Mehralizadeh pointed to 4,000 years background of Zoorkhaneh sports in Iran and discussed its importance in developing human characters and sport morale in the society, especially among youngsters.

Considering expansion of Zoorkhaneh sports to 84 countries in the world, Iran is ready to transfer its experiences in the field to friendly country of Armenia.

Rostomyan welcomed proposal of president of IZSF and expressed Yerevan's readiness to sign primary memorandum of understanding and admission of instructors and masters of the sports to teach Armenian interested persons and establishment of Zoorkhaneh sports federation in Armenia.


Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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