NEOM Announces Education, Research and Innovation Sector

NEOM has announced plans to establish a world-class education, research and innovation (ERI) sector, following last year’s appointment of Andreas Cangellaris as the founding president of NEOM U, NEOM’s flagship university.

NEOM’s ERI will consist of four interconnected pillars: NEOM U; the Education, Research and Innovation Foundation; the Talent Academy; and early childhood to 12th-grade education schools.

The sector will enable access to a world-class education, research and innovation ecosystem at any stage of the life of a learner. For example, NEOM’s Talent Academy will support ongoing professional development by providing upskilling and career-long learning opportunities designed in collaboration with NEOM’s array of sectors.

NEOM’s academic programs and research and innovation activities will focus on societal challenges, built on its strategic priorities, to drive strong engagement with global partners across new and varied industries.

The ERI Foundation’s Applied Research Institute (ARI) program, initiated via the new NEOM Green Hydrogen and e-Fuels ARI and the NEOM-KAUST Ocean Science and Solutions ARI, is a key first element of this action.

NEOM CEO Nadhmi Al-Nasr said: “Education is the foundation of every society. It is only right that a community such as NEOM, which envisions nothing less than a new future for the world, should have in place an education system fit to meet the needs of tomorrow. The establishment of the new ERI sector at NEOM is a crucial step forward in helping us meet our goals, the goals of Vision 2030, and the global challenges of the coming years.”

According to Cangellaris, “education is the cornerstone of progress. In support of NEOM’s vision, we are currently building cutting-edge facilities, academic programs, and research initiatives to help achieve our goals. NEOM’s distinct role allows it to embrace the latest educational theories and technological innovations to shape the future of learning. We look forward to working with leaders across industries on designing this interconnected hub on an intellectual foundation of critical thinking, in turn driving progress on a global scale.”

The curricula deployed across NEOM’s ERI pillars will prepare a digitally fluent workforce, equipping students with real-life skill sets and critical thinking capabilities. Next-generation technology, inquiry and experiential-based learning, and digital tools such as VR simulation training will be integrated across all age groups and education provisions.

Leveraging NEOM’s unique “living laboratory” environment, NEOM U graduates will develop the skills to design innovative solutions through experiential learning.

Students will be able to access the Talent Academy’s online programs from 2024, while NEOM U plans to offer classes online as early as 2025.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

Saudi Ambassador to Egypt Receives Delegation of Students from Beni-Suef University

Today, the Saudi Ambassador to the Arab Republic of Egypt, Osama bin Ahmed Nuqli, received a delegation of students from Beni-Suef University at the embassy headquarters in Cairo. The meeting took place in the presence of the President of the University, Dr. Mansour Hassan, as part of the ongoing educational cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

The meeting commenced with the Saudi Ambassador warmly welcoming the delegation, consisting of top students from the Faculty of Politics and Economics. During the discussion, he emphasized Saudi Arabia’s commitment to closely collaborate with Egypt across various fields.

The Ambassador provided an overview of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, highlighting its ambitious programs and objectives. He emphasized that, despite being launched a relatively short time ago, the achievements of Vision 2030 have been notable in all areas of development, following modern foundations and a future-oriented approach that considers all advancements and changes.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

Education Minister, Iraqi Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Discuss Enhancing Cooperation in Educational and Scientific Fields

Minister of Education, Yousef bin Abdullah Al-Benyan, received the Iraqi Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Safia Taleb Al-Suhail, at the ministry headquarters.

The meeting discussed ways to enhance bilateral relations in the fields of education and science, within the framework of the Saudi-Iraqi Coordination Council.

This aims to enhance development in the two brotherly nations while also advancing mechanisms for cooperation, exchange of expertise, and sharing of experiences between both sides.

During the meeting, topics of mutual interest in the field of higher education were reviewed. This includes supporting partnerships between universities in the two countries and making use of the scholarships provided by the Kingdom to Iraqi students for their studies in Saudi universities.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

Youth play a leading role in attaining sustainable world — UN chief

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said on Saturday that the youth play a leading role in the quest to attain a sustainable world and urged nations to take into consideration their basic role in decision-making processes.

The UN chief made the statement marking the occasion, celebrated under the motto, “Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World.

Shifting to an environmentally sustainable world has become an issue of profound significance; not only for responding to the international climatic crisis but also for attaining goals of sustainable development, he said.

Such transfer warrants boosting “green skills” among citizens particularly the youth, Guterres said, alluding in particular to the need to enhance their knowledge, capacities, values and required stands to live in a sustainable and effective community.

Theme of the latest edition of the global youth day, he said, underscores necessity to enable the young people acquire skills and apply them in the growing green economy.

The humankind depends on the youth energy everywhere, in addition to their thoughts and unlimited contributions, he affirmed.

Source: Kuwait News Agency

KSrelief Distributes 1,000 School Bags in Somalia

The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) undertook the distribution of 1,000 school bags complete with stationery materials in the Sahel region of the Republic of Somalia on Thursday. This initiative directly benefited 1,000 individuals, constituting an integral component of the larger endeavour to secure and disseminate educational bags furnished with stationery items to students within the Federal Republic of Somalia for the year 2023.

This endeavour stands as a testament to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s unwavering commitment to humanitarian aid. Through the conduit of KSrelief, Saudi Arabia extends its support to the educational sector in nations facing adversity, further enriching the educational milieu and furnishing essential study resources for both male and female students.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

15 Saudi Youth Showcase Innovations in Software and AI at the Summer Program of Oxford University

Representing different universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 15 Saudi students have successfully showcased student projects related to software and artificial intelligence (AI) during Lady Margaret Hall (LMH) Summer Program, University of Oxford.

This program is organized by Saudi Data and AI Authority (SDAIA) in collaboration with King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST).

The camp represents a unique opportunity for trainee students to enhance their thinking and scientific creativity skills, aligning with the current era’s requirements, tools, and technologies. This program aligns with the goals of the Human Capability Development Program, one of the initiatives of Saudi Vision 2030, which aims at bolstering both local and global competitiveness of national human capacities.

During the summer program, students underwent intensive training to enhance their cognitive abilities under the guidance of AI experts at the University of Oxford for eight weeks.

They engaged in various scientific experiments within educational programs on AI, enabling them to advance their skills in cutting-edge technological domains.

Source: Saudi Press Agency