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Al-Hakim discusses with Plasschaert the developments in the political scene in Iraq and the region and the upcoming elections

Baghdad, -The head of the National State Forces Alliance, Ammar Al-Hakim, discussed with the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jeanine Plasschaert, developments in the political scene in Iraq and the region, the upcoming entitlements, and the role of the United Nations in supporting Iraq.

During the meeting, Al-Hakim stressed "the importance of preserving the stability achieved in Iraq and turning it into permanent stability, as it came as a result of the sacrifices made by our Iraqi people."

He pointed out "the importance of the upcoming local elections, as they will restore decentralization to the administrative system in Iraq by enabling the provinces to elect their governments and appoint their governors. They will also enable the provinces to benefit from their resources and capabilities and achieve a fair distribution between cities, districts, and sub-districts."

Al-Hakim stated "the importance of reformulating the relationship between Iraq and the international organizations working in it, stressing leaving the state of grants and aid and replacing them with intra-partnerships in accordance with the priorities set by the government, which are necessarily Iraq's priorities in the next stage."

Regarding the situation in Palestine, Al-Hakim stressed “to stop the war first, bring in aid and provide the necessities of life to a people who have been isolated for more than a month and suffering under brutal bombardment.”

He stressed "the necessity of ending the state of double standards in dealing with the people of Gaza, as the civilians, children, women, human rights, and the right to expression are indivisible topics."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency