Health Authorities: Gazans’ death toll rises to 3,000

RAMALLAH, Palestinian Health Ministry on Tuesday announced the death toll in Gaza has risen to 3,000 while more than 12,500 are wounded.

In a statement, the ministry said in a statement the number of demises in the West Bank subsequent to the Israeli military’s assaults since the 7th of October, has amounted to 61 while injuries add up to 1,250.

The Israeli forces continue their assaults on the Gaza strip by shelling the area resulting in mass destruction of residential structures and institutions.

Under the circumstances, Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh called on Switzerland as a party and state sponsor of the Geneva Convention help in securing a safe passage and assistance for the Gazans, and to coerce Israel to halt all aggressive actions.

His statement was conveyed during his meet with Anne-Lise Hennin, Swiss representative for Palestine, earlier today at his office.

The two sides discussed latest developments on the ground as the siege continues whereas electricity, water, gas, and health provisions are cut-off, in a breach of the international humanitarian law.

Shtayyeh also mentioned 140 cargo trucks carrying food and supplies are still on standby at the Rafah border crossing, due to Israeli intransigence.

Adding, he said these actions are dramatically hindering the two-state solution and the opportunity for a safe, stable and peaceful future. (end)

Source: Kuwait News Agency