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  • Israelis kill 1 Palestinian kid, injure 30 more in Gaza

    Tehran, The Israeli forces killed 1 Palestinian kid and injured 30 others during the 48th round of the 'March of Return' rallies in eastern Gaza Strip.

    According to Palestinian media, thousands of Palestinians together with leaders of the Resistance groups …

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  • Iraqi KDP Leader’s meeting with Iran envoy deemed as important

    Erbil, The office of Iraqi Kurdistan Democratic Party leader Masoud Barzani says his meeting with Iran Ambassador to Baghdad Iraj Masjedi will serve as an important step towards development of Kurdistan Region's relations with Iran.

    Iraqi Kurdistan Democrat Party leader …

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  • Iran, India ink $2m MoU for entrepreneurship cooperation

    Tehran, Iran and India signed an agreement worth two million dollars for entrepreneurship cooperation.

    The Omid Entrepreneurship Trust of the Islamic Republic of Iran website wrote on Friday that the deal was signed in Hyderabad, India on February 21. Asghar …

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  • Iraqi MP calls for exemption of Iranian firms from US sanctions

    Baghdad, An Iraqi member of parliament urged his government to try to get exemption for Iranian firms from US sanctions.

    In an interview with Iraqi media 'AlSumaria', Abolhadi Mohan AlSaddavi referred to certain oppositions against US unilateral sanctions on Iran …

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  • Russia to continue cooperation with Iran despite US pressure

    Moscow, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Friday that Moscow will continue allout cooperation with Iran, including in the area of nuclear energy, despite all the pressures from the United States.

    Speaking during her weekly press conference, Zakharova …

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