Foreign Affairs

  • Iraqi Christians Return to Church Damaged by ISIS

    There were gasps, followed by tears at a small church in northern Iraq as a group of Christians returned to their parish Sunday to find that everything had been destroyed, including the statue of the Virgin Mary which Islamic State terrorist group (ISI…

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  • Turkey Arrests Head of Opposition Newspaper Cumhuriyet

    Turkey detained on Friday the head of the board of opposition daily Cumhuriyet, which saw nine of its staff arrested last week, the newspaper said.Akin Atalay was taken into custody at Istanbul’s airport after arriving from Germany, Cumhuriyet said.Nin…

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  • Polls Open in US Presidential Election + VIDEO

    American voters are heading to polling stations to choose between two starkly different candidates, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton, in one of the most divisive presidential races in US history.About 140 million Americans out of an…

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  • ISIS Launches Chemical Attack in Iraq’s Mosul

    The ISIS (ISIL, IS, Daesh) terrorist group has used mustard gas during a military clash with government troops in Iraq’s Mosul, a report said.Daesh on Sunday fired mortar shells containing chemicals at positions of Iraqi troops who are advancing agains…

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  • SDF Operation for Raqqa Countryside in Progress

    the General Command of Liwaa Soqour al-Raqqa( Raqqa Hawks Brigade) Fayad Ghanim said that their principal goal of launching Ghadab al-Firat campaign is liberating Raqqa city from IS gangs.The General Commander also called civilians to keep away from IS…

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