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  • Nusra Command Bases in Daraa Hit Hard in Syrian Army Attacks

    Syrian Army troops targeted several command bases of Fatah al-Sham Front (previously known as the al-Nusra Front) in the Southern province of Daraa, destroying three of them.

    Alalam - Syria

    The army soldiers targeted positions, bases and movements of Fatah …

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  • Snow tubing in Asadli Pass

    Winter snow in North Khorasan province has turned Asadli Pass into a recreation area for youth and families to play snow tubing.

    Source: Al-Alam News Network

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  • Bombings, Mortar Attacks Claim 10 Lives Across Iraq

    Police and medical officials in Iraq say at least ten people have been killed in a series of bombings and mortar strikes across the country as government forces and allied fighters press ahead with a massive operation to flush ISIS …

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  • Militants Left Aleppo City in Ruin

    Aleppo had withstood more than six millennia of pillage and insurrection, but the past four years of militants' ruling with support from the West and some Persian Gulf Monarchies have caused damage to its civilization and displaced more of its …

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  • Iran, P5+1 to Meet in January over US Bans Renewal

    A high-level commission monitoring the implementation of last year's nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers plans to meet in Vienna on January 10 to discuss the recent move by the United States to renew the Iran Sanctions Act …

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