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  • U.S. Calls On Iran To Release Detained Opposition Leaders

    The U.S. State Department late on February 15 called on Iran to release three opposition leaders who have been under house arrest for seven years.

    The statement came on the seventh anniversary of the detention of 2009 Iranian presidential candidates …

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  • US fanning oil, gas war in region: Nasrallah

    Tehran, Secretary General of Hezbollah resistance movement Hassan Nasrallah said on Friday the United States is running oil and gas war over the region where Syria and Lebanon are located.

    The US runs the oil and gas battle in the …

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  • Iran, Saudi Arabia urged to end animosities, mend relations

    Madrid, , IRNA - A former Iranian diplomat and a nuclear policy specialist at Princeton University has urged Iran and Saudi Arabia in an article published by 'The Cairo Review' magazine made some strategic proposals for rapprochement between Iran and …

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  • Syrian forces shoot down Turkish UAV in Afrin

    Damascus, Syrian Democratic Forces downed Turkish unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in Afrin city, northern Syria.

    According to the Syrian media, the Turkish drone has been shot in northwestern Aleppo.

    The Turkish army has launched operation 'Olive Branch' in Afrin with …

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  • Iran defense capability not violating regional security

    Tehran, Commander of Iranian Army's Air Force said on Monday that Iran's defensive capability is not violating regional security, rather it helps to the establishment of security in the strategically important Persian Gulf region.

    Brigadier-General Hassan Shahsafi made the remarks …

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